The name of my blog, “maizydoats,” may seem strange if you’ve never heard the silly song written in 1943 by Milton Drake, Al Hoffman, and Jerry Livingston.  The actual word in the song is “maiRzy doats,” but I did not realize this until I read it in print.  “MaizyDoats” is what my EARS heard and that is the point of the blog name.  Many times our ears do not pick up certain sounds and letters that are actually in the words we are speaking.  I believe this is one of the most difficult things in learning a new language also.

I always find it so adorable to hear children repeat what they think they hear.  Their version is so comical at times and conveys so much more than what they are actually saying.  A great example is a little incident that occurred several years ago.  My daughter Amanda was trying to teach her 2 year old nephew what to do in case of an emergency. 

Amanda:  Dial 911 and tell them your address

Alex:  Tell them I’m a dress?

You can imagine the guffaws and rolling on the floor that little conversation produced.  There are many incidents I can recall just like that with my children as they were growing up and my grandchildren now.  Those moments are so adorable and so joyful to recall and share with each other.

But back to the song and my blog name.  The song, Mairzy Doats perfectly communicates the play on words that I so love and have loved for many, many years; in fact, the bridge lyrics express it wonderfully,

If the words sound queer and funny to your ear, a little bit jumbled and jivey, sing “Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy.  A kid’ll eat ivy too, wouldn’t you?

I always thought I must be weird to enjoy something like “words” until I read an essay/book by Anne Dillard entitled, “An American Childhood.”  It has always been one of my favorite essays and I find myself recalling portions of it from time to time.  The essay is a beautiful tribute to Ms. Dillard’s mother and the reader is treated to “see” this special woman through the eyes of the author’s words.

And that is what I think is so cool about language – the connection between hearing, reading, and seeing. 

I have a lot more I’d like to share on this topic but it seems too much and too broad for one post.

Mairzy doats and dozy doats

And liddle lamzy divey

A kiddley divey too,

Wouldn’t You?



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