Zakka Item (1)

I’ve been on a zakka kick since I first discovered the word.  I love handmade items that fall in the zakka category.  Their style appeals to my senses and satisfies that domestic side of me.  This is a little fabric basket or bucket that I sewed for my daughter.  I haven’t sent it to her yet but I am filling it with some handmade items for her to use for hand sewing.  I am including a needle book, pincushion, and a scissors keep.  I will be posting those as I finish them.  This was a Simplicity pattern that included a sewing machine cover, various sizes of these baskets, and other sewing room items.   They all called for fat quarters which is what I used mostly.  Some pieces were just scraps from various sources.

The next one I make, I will select the fabrics for the prairie points so that they contrast a little more with the bottom band.  These fabrics I used were gorgeous and all from a coordinated fat quarter bundle but sewn like this they do not really compliment each other with enough contrast.  In my opinion, that is.Fabric Basket


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