Superbowl Menu

I am not a football fan but my husband and oldest son are.  My youngest son is not a football fan but he is a superbowl football FOOD fan.  So the superbowl menu is a place where I can shine my culinary skills and be appreciated.

Each year I spend quite a lot of time planning the menu and I really enjoy the process of planning and eliminating.  This year my armchair quarterbacks have requested classic hot wings and I will not disappoint.  I also found a recipe for Buffalo Cauliflower that sounds great to me.  I kind of hope they don’t like them so I can keep for myself.  I love cauliflower.

When I announced that one of my ideas was jalapeno poppers, I got hearty approval so they are on the menu.  I think I am also going to serve oven fries to go with the wings and a trail mix mixture for in-between munching so the guys can go from salty/savory to sweet in one grab.

For dessert I am borrowing a new Thanksgiving recipe we had this past holiday that was fantastic – Handheld Pecan Pies.  The dough is laden with butter but oh my goodness they are fantastic!  The recipe comes from a popular restaurant in Seattle and appeared in an issue of Food & Wine magazine.

As I looked over the net for superbowl menus, I was suprised to find little in the way of “menus” and serving ideas even though the recipes were abundant.  I think I am going to create a post for some menus and serving ideas myself.

I look forward to the superbowl because I can create foods my family loves and appreciates, I can serve them with all the oohs and aahs but in between I can relax and crochet with their comments in the background.  It entertains me….


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