The Purpose of this Blog

I am writing and recording my thoughts, experiences, memories, and personal interests as a legacy for my family.  My mother was sick while I was growing up and she passed away right after I turned 18.  I really never felt like I knew my mother.  She never shared with me anything about herself, her dreams, disappointments, joys, etc.  She did model what a wife and mother should be, she made a warm and safe home environment, she always took care of herself and took great care in her appearance.  She also shared her love of the needlearts and left a legacy of beautiful workmanship in her creations.  Maybe I did know her from these things.

My children have expressed an interest in knowing more details about little stories I’ve shared and my husband and daughter have been constantly urging me to write things down because they like the way I articulate things.

So for those reasons I’ve just stated, I am recording this journal in the form of a blog.  I thought about just creating a word processing file of these things but with my children scattered here and there, an electronic format on the internet makes it easier to share and save.


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